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21 Jan

This is the reason why Evolution is true 🙂

Why Evolution Is True

Zach Weinersmith must be reading about free will, because there’s a cartoon about it in his latest SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal). 

Sadly, it gets some stuff confused, including the pyramid’s contention that whatever one does (the determined “decision”) makes no difference. It does. The strip ignores the determinism inherent in the issue (I’m no cartoonist, but the decision about the laptop has already been made by the finders innards), and the last panel, which is supposed to be the kicker, doesn’t seem very funny. In fact, although several readers have sent me different cartoons about free will (and I appreciate them), I’ve never found one very funny.

20140119Or maybe I’m just too wrapped up in this issue to see the humor!

h/t: Mark

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