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When Things Come Alive

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I can haz hair?

Why Evolution Is True

I always thought Sphynx cats were bizarre until I went to a cat show about 15 years ago and got to hold one. It was very friendly and kind of cute. I also discovered that Sphynxes weren’t really hairless but covered with a fine down. The one I held felt as if were made of suede.

The hairlessness is caused by homozygosity for a single recessive gene, hr.

Anyway, this striking moggie seems to have an affinity for human hair, perhaps compensating for its own deficit. The video shows the affectionate nature of the breed, and the notes say that its name is “Applesauce.”

h/t: Andrew Sullivan via Greg Mayer

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Kanya Drawing by T S Abe

Kanya drawing

Kanya drawing

Check the full work of T S Abe at Behance here


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