Nailed It like A Boss

24 Dec

Nailed It

Nailed It

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Posted by on 24 Dec 12 in Art, fail, funny


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One response to “Nailed It like A Boss

  1. candycanecoolio

    26 Dec 12 at 23:15

    Oh, my god. This is amazing. It’s like, “Oh, that looks cool and simple it can’t be that hard” but it IS. They decieve us, those liars, and enjoy seeing our torment that we are not as good as them. Well, I say, HA! I will no longer fall into your trap of saddening trials of consumerism! I shall remain passive and not want to punch the person in the picture who has triumphed! I will remain untouched! As if. I always get pulled in. Oh, look, those cookies can’t be that hard. True story. They melted. Literally melted. And they were famous Amos chocolate chip. I can cook everything else perfectly. The friggin cookies friggin melted! I’m so easy to judge…. don’t judge me.


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