Awesome Love Story

24 Dec

Awesome Love Story

Awesome Love Story

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One response to “Awesome Love Story

  1. candycanecoolio

    25 Dec 12 at 22:31

    Reblogged this on The amazing and fantastic nerd realm and commented:
    This is beautiful. This is one of my favorite movies, and I never quite put my finger on why. Its this: This love story was amazing. Even though she died, he went to the falls for her. He wouldn’t leave his house for her. And, he let the house go. For her. Because he knew what she would want him to do. She’d want hiim to love Russell and help him and cherish him. Which he did. And he knew what she would have wanted.. This is not everyday love. This is the kind you see in people who have been married for years. Love isn’t lust. It is being willing to give up everything for the other. And I hope that, someday, I can have that kind of love, too.


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