Innovative Calender Designs

22 Jun

We all need calender in our daily life. A normal 12 page calender with some great pictures is what you may have in your home. But these innovative calender designs given below are amongst those that you might wonder where to get them….so lets get started with these calender designs.

Matchstick Calender
Burn the stick when your day gets over
The camera lens for those who are into photography
The bubble wrap…burst a bubble daily!
Scratch the dates when your day gets over
The Good Old Puzzle like calender
A mixture of Bamboo, clock and calender design
The pencil calender with all unique colors for you
The refrigerator magnet calender
You can use it anywhere other than refrigirator too
The wooden flip calender
The wooden flip calender
Connect the dots….One dot daily
Accordion Player design calender
Accordion Player design calender

The Tiny Paper Pieces Calender
The Ruler stick calender
Lego Bricks calender
An innovative arc calender
Circular calender by Artist Dylan Sultzer
This is a 14 Day Calendar by Jonathan Russell
“Today is….Bangle” clender by Petula Fung

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